New Daily Launched in South Africa


The Daily range boasts no less than four market-leading features: largest volume (20m3), highest horsepower rating (205 HP), greatest payload (4174kg) and most sophisticated full automatic transmission, the ‘Hi-Matic’ ZF 8-speed.

As well as these standout benefits, the latest range has been redesigned from the ground up, resulting in 80 per cent new architecture and a myriad of improvements over the preceding models.

As well as these standout benefits, the latest range has been redesigned from the ground up, resulting in 80 per cent new architecture and a myriad of improvements over the preceding models.

The new range, which includes both van and (single-cab and double-cab) chassis variants, is available in a variety of wheelbase ranging from 3250mm to 4750mm (accommodating body fitment of up to 6190mm in cab chassis), with GVMs spanning 3600 kg to 7200 kg and in single and dual rear wheel configurations (depending on model). This results in exceptional versatility for use in a wide variety of applications

Combined with improved efficiency, lower servicing costs, and reduced lifecycle costing, the new range sets many new benchmarks in the South African medium commercial vehicle market.

Powerful yet fuel-efficient engines

Powering the range are two core direct-injection Iveco diesel engines, a 2.3 and a 3 litre, both them delivering market-leading power and torque outputs.

The 2.3 litre powerplant features turbocharger with wastegate and intercooler producing 126hp @ between 3000-3600 rpm, torque is rated a 320Nm @ between 1800-2500 rpm.

The 3 litre offering is also turbocharged using a wastegate system to produce 150hp of power and 350Nm of torque from 1400 to 2600rpm whilst a variable geometry system and intercooler to produce power of 170hp @ 2900-3500 rpm and torque of 430Nm @ between 1400-2600 rpm.
Also available is a twin turbo version of the 3 litre which offers increased power of 205hp @ between 3100-3500 rpm and hefty torque output of 470Nm @ a low 1400-3000 rpm 

In addition to these engines’ impressive power and torque figures, the latest Daily range is also more fuel efficient than the previous generation by up to 5 per cent thanks to the adoption of low friction piston rings, use of high-grade, low viscosity lubricants and reduced drag coefficient, especially in van models.

Hi-Matic – an industry-leading transmission for absolute driving pleasure

The new Daily range introduces an industry-first 8-speed ZF ‘Hi-Matic’ full automatic transmission until now only available in high-end luxury vehicles. This exceptional transmission provides the operator with an effortless driving experience courtesy of a self-adaptive shift strategy that results in correct gear selection and shifts that take less than 200 milliseconds.

The version of the Hi-Matic used in the Daily has been strengthened for light commercial vehicle applications and was extensively tested for the climatic conditions prevalent in South Africa – the unit features an external cooler and an independent transmission support for improved durability and cooling power.

To assist in reducing fuel consumption, the Hi-Matic features both ‘Eco’ and ‘Power’ modes. When Eco is selected, the transmission changes gears at lower rpm, while Power mode holds the vehicle in each gear for longer for even crisper acceleration should it be required.

Additionally, thanks to its 8-speeds, the widest ratio spread of any automatic van transmission available in the market, the engine will always be operating at its optimal speed.

Transmission – Manual

Operators using the new Daily van outside of urban and metropolitan environments where minimal gear shifting is required may opt for the 6-speed synchromesh double overdrive, manual transmission. This alternative to the ‘Hi-Matic’ provides smooth engagement via the single dry plate, hydraulically-controlled clutch, while manual gear changes using the ergonomically-designed, dash-mounted shifter are light yet precise. As a guide to fuel efficient driving, gear shift indicator in the driver display area gives the driver guidance on the most appropriate gear for the driving situation.

A safer choice

With many Daily drivers and owners expected to spend long periods on the roads, Iveco engineers have worked to equip the new model with an extensive array of active and passive safety features.

While some light commercial vehicle competitors provide a front disc / rear drum brake set-up, the new Daily provides the superior stopping power of disc brakes ‘all-round’. Adding to the braking equation isESP9 (Electronic Stability Program), which incorporates Iveco ‘Hill Holder’ technology to ensure that there’s no rollback when starting on an incline. Additionally all vehicles also feature Stability Control and Trailer Sway Mitigation which sees the Stability Control intervene when instability in the trailer or caravan is detected. Other safety features of the standard ESP 9 system include Anti Slip Regulator, Adaptive Load Control, Hydraulic Rear Wheel Boost, Hydraulic Fading Compensation, Roll Movement Intervention and Roll Over Mitigation. Passive safety features include both driver and passenger airbags; a unique standard offering in the South African market.

Low level fog lamps with cornering function are available. The cornering function automatically activates the fog lamps on bends casting light into the direction the driver is steering.

Comfort and convenience in droves

Heavy traffic, start and stop driving and long work days are often the norm in modern business; it’s therefore essential that the driving environment is as comfortable and stress-free as possible.

Seating in the new range has been lowered by 15 mm for easier entry and egress into and from the cabin, the steering wheel has also been reduced in size to provide a more car-like feel. An increased windscreen height has resulted in improved visibility while the dashboard has been completely redesigned with emphasis on intuitive placement of all dials and controls.

Helping to provide car-like comfort and manoeuvrability (10.5 metre turning circle for the single wheel vans and class leading turning circle across the entire range) is independent front suspension (double wishbone with transversal leaf spring or torsion bar depending on variant) along with parabolic rear suspension.

The new ‘QUAD-LEAF’ front suspension provides excellent vehicle control and strength (1900 kg standard maximum load), while the ‘QUAD-TOR’ system (standard on all 50C & 70C Vans) is even more robust adopting torsion bars instead of leaf springs for an axle weight rating of 2100 kg.

Other benefits of the new range include improved soundproofing and a more efficient automatic climate control system featuring ‘EcoMac’ technology. Similar to an inverter in a household RC system, EcoMac optimises the operation of the unit compressor to precisely meet the actual cooling and heating needs, delivering just the right in-cabin temperature and reducing fuel consumption. The air conditioning, standard across the range, ducts conditioned air through the glove compartment and this airflow can be controlled to urn the glove compartment into a virtual fridge for the driver.

4-speaker audio systems are fitted as standard across the range featuring FM/AM tuner; mp3 player; mp3 player with USB drive via USB input on the dashboard, AUX input. Bluetooth connectivity with radio and phone controls on the steering wheel is also available. The unit also features an integrated 4x20 W amplifier.

Elsewhere in the cabin are generous storage areas including purpose-designed compartments to hold phones and tablets. A modern and attractive instrument cluster displays all of the vehicles’ necessary operational information.

The Daily range is available in a choice of nine attractive exterior colours.

Comments from Iveco Product Marketing Manager – Elvis Mutseura

“Since being launched in Europe last year, the new Daily has enjoyed widespread market acceptance and won hands down the highly-coveted ‘International van of the Year’ award. The market performance of the new Daily has been so phenomenal that the new production facility in Suzzara Italy is hard pressed to meet demand. The new production facility produces approximately 250 new Dailys a day.

We are very excited about this high value offering that we are able to give our clients and transport partners in South Africa. With up to 20m3 of load volume and 4.2 tons of payload in a panel van and the ability to tow a class leading 3.5 tons we are able to give our customers the coveted ability to do more with less.
We are not the first Iveco market to launch this excellent product. On top of the rigorous testing that the New Daily was subjected to we also have the experience of countless hours of real-life operation in many tough environments across the world that drives our confidence that the new Daily is indeed the best Daily ever!”

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